Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)
2025/2026 onwards

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EMDG is changing again later this year or early 2025. You will need to have your wits about you to maximise your grant success. Outsource all your EMDG obligations to us. We will not let you down.

Mitchell & Co - EMDG

EMDG is changing

Goods, services, ip covered – must have substantial australian input
Mitchell & Co - EMDG

Pre-approval only - not pre-payment

Covers overseas marketing costs, now including export education
Mitchell & Co - EMDG

3 step application process

No minimum spend, funding caps by year & tier
Mitchell & Co - EMDG

3 types of application tiers plus representative body

Short timeframe to make an application


Changes to EMDG for Round 4 Submissions expected late 2024 or early 2025.

The EMDG program is a “bid” system – for pre-approval, not pre-payment, of your export marketing plans.

The application process has now been increased, there are 3 steps to being paid. Approval needs to be given before you spend the money you want to be paid for.

  • your initial grant bid/application
  • your grant funding agreement/approval
  • your acquittal process/request for payment

Exporters must have an annual turnover of less than $20m.

Grants will be available in stages called Tiers, based on your grant age and export focus.

Your grant history from before carries into the new program. You do not start again.

Unlike before, you will not have months to lodge an application, only weeks.

So you need to get ready, contact us now!

How much money will I get back?

There is no minimum or maximum spend level. There is an overall funding cap of $770,000. You can only be funded for 8 years, but you can apply for funding over two or three forecast periods.

There are funding caps (max grants) per Tier status, i.e. your age in the scheme and export focus.

You have to lodge a bid for your grant. Your grant is not known or guaranteed at that stage.

Austrade must ration demand against the supply of money. That is, you might apply for a grant of $50,000, but only gain approval for $35,000.

You will then have to spend the same amount – your own contribution must match what you’re approved for. So the funding level is 50/50 you/government.

Do I need export success to get a grant?

No, but your level of export sales does determine your “Tier” status.

Tier 1 – covers grant years 1 to 2 – no export sales.

Tier 2 – covers grant years 3 to 5 – expected to have export sales.

Tier 3 – covers grant years 6 to 8 – export sales and spend focus on new markets, i.e. a “strategic shift” from Tier 2 markets and market activity.

How can we help?

We will assist you through the entire process of applying under the new EMDG. We will determine your eligibility and “age” in the new program to ensure you make the most out of EMDG with a minimum of fuss.

How do we get paid?

Our services are provided on performance of obtaining a successful grant, i.e. a No Grant, No Fee basis. We get paid when you do!

What can I spend my money on?

The categories of expenditure will remain the same, with one addition.

  • Overseas Representatives, Marketing Consultants
  • Travel Costs for Marketing Purposes
  • Product Promotion (Free Samples)
  • Trade Fairs, Promotional Literature & Advertising Material
  • Overseas Buyers Visiting Australia
  • Trademark and Patent Registrations
  • Export Education (new)

When do lodgements open and close?

The start date for lodgement of applications is yet to be announced. Costs from July 1, 2025 will be able to be included, that is costs incurred prior to your grant submission. 

Information Requirements

What you need to have ready:

  • Full contact details
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Website / Facebook page
  • Export or Domestic sale evidence – actual or proforma
  • Current Bank Statement that ties in with your ABN
  • Cloud read only access to your financial statements (Xero / MYOB etc)
  • Export planning evidence and / or commentary
  • Forecasts of Export based sales, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), marketing expenditure

What we do:

  • Help you fill in the gaps and supply templates to make the process easier
  • Prepare your initial grant bid to signature stage – step 1
  • Vet and approve your grant offer / contract from Austrade – step 2
  • Set up systems to monitor your “approved” expenditure
  • Deal with the grant payment request process – step 3
  • When you get paid, we take our agreed fee at that time

EMDG is changing again.

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