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Mitchell & Co EMDG Newsletter June 2022 – Latest Announcements

EMDG Old – Second Tranche Payout Rate Announced

As predicted in our last newsletter the second tranche payment for EMDG old has been announced this week, with the final payout figure set at 37.3 cents in the dollar.

This means that for clients who are owed more than $30,000, you will not get the full entitlement, but 37.3% of the balance you are owed.

Austrade tell us that the payments will be coming soon, in the next weeks or so – hopefully before 30th June, but we cannot be 100% sure at this time.

We will be in touch with you to confirm your bank details as it happens.


EMDG New – Second Round for 2023 and Beyond

The opening date for the second round for 2023 and beyond has now been announced.

This only applies to new applicants who have not submitted an application/ received a grant offer for Round 1.

Applications will open at 9:00 am AEST on Wednesday 6 July 2022 for 6 weeks, closing at 4:00 pm AEST on Wednesday 17 August 2022.

We have already been in contact with some of you via a lengthy email before. We now ask that you send to us as best you can your Plan to Market and Expenditure Budget before 30th June, so that we can be ready to go when the gates open in two weeks’ time.

If you have not already contacted us, please do so at your earliest.

Stuart and team.

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