Mitchell & Co EMDG February 2021 Newsletter

The gate is almost shut on 2020 EMDG applications, that is for the period ended 30 June, 2020. 

The old rules apply, no export earnings required and a guaranteed grant entitlement up to $100,000. 

These applications MUST be prepared, finalised, and lodged by March 2nd. No ifs, no buts, no extension- the excuse my dog ate my homework will just not work.

We discussed the old rules versus new rules in our recent client Newsletter, and one famous line came to mind…hence the face of Doris Day!

“Que Sera, Sera!

Whatever will be, will be…”

Read on via our Newsletter link here to find out more!

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Mitchell & Co EMDG December 2020 Newsletter

The Ministerial Determinations behind the new EMDG legislation have been passed. The new rules were tabled late December and open for comment, and comment we did.

The actual Administrative Guidelines, i.e. how to lodge, and when to lodge by, are yet to be released.

We discussed our thoughts of this much awaited beast in our December 2020 Newsletter.

Click here to read our December Newsletter.

We have made our thought processes very clear to Austrade Deputy CEO, Kelly Ralston, in our subsequent Submission to the proposed EMDG rules.

Read all about them here.

If you haven’t yet lodged your 2020 EMDG application, the time to call is now.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Mitchell & Co EMDG November 2020 Newsletter

A quick update from us as we head into a new month of EMDG processing, and prophecies on what might be to come in regards to the EMDG Review.

We will have a new Trade Minister before the calendar year is out, and so the rush is on to get the legislation passed before Minister Birmingham departs office.

The new Ministerial Determinations behind the legislation are expected to be out towards the end of this month. Like a farmer awaiting rain, we at Mitco have a lot to ponder upon as we await their release.

If you have not yet lodged your 2020 EMDG application, please call us for a chat. The time to take action is now.

Click here to read our November Newsletter to find out more. 


EMDG Stock take – the changes that kick in from July 1, 2021

EMDG Review Report Unpacked.

“It will have blood, they say: blood will have blood.”

“Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” – 1606 William Shakespeare – The Tragedy of Macbeth.

What’s that got to do with Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) you ask?

Well it’s about prewarning of things that are coming to pass, maybe troubled times ahead.

Not “lead on Macduff” (yes, a misquote known to scholars of the Bard out there) – but “read on exporter”.

Click here to read our newsletter as we unpack and analyse the EMDG changes to kick in from July 1, 2021.

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Important News Flash – EMDG (Export Market Development Grants) to Change

D-Day has arrived. The Referee has tossed the coin and the future of EMDG in the air.

Yesterday we got the call from Minister Birmingham’s office announcing the completion of the long awaited EMDG Review Report.

Trade Minister Birmingham has today released the report of Anna Fisher which was commissioned last year and completed pre-COVID 19.

The government will be adopting all proposed changes recommended in the report.

We put out an initial Newsletter to our Client base announcing that EMDG will fundamentally change, and some of our initial thoughts on the Review.

Click here to read our initial newsletter, with more details to come as we unpack, analyse, and summarise the 84-page report over these next days and weeks.

Click here to read the official Media Release from Minister Birmingham’s office.

And the following links to Austrade FAQs and Reform Fact Sheet.

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Mitco Client Success Story

We love a good Exporter success story, especially during these challenging times!

We recently spotted our Clients Julie and Paul Kos in the ABC News.

They run The Smoked Egg Company from their farm (of some 5,000 laying hens!) near Geelong and do exactly that – smoked fresh eggs.

From experimenting with a smoker bought for their wedding anniversary, years later they’ve managed to create a world-first product praised by Chefs of top restaurants around Australia.

Julie and Paul have travelled to Dubai and Japan, attending trade events to promote their product. The Company also holds the World Patent for the advanced smoking technique that stops the ageing process and bacteria growth in eggs. 

The EMDG assistance has helped the business to continue developing and growing these export markets and we wish them all the best in their ongoing efforts.

Now we think that’s a smoking good success story!

To read the full article via the ABC website, click the link below:

Victorian farmers create world’s first cold-smoked egg


Mitchell & Co Winter 2020 Newsletter

More Good News for Exporters!

Grants up to $100,000 to be paid in full!

While the World is a now a changed place for everyone, we continue to rejoice in EMDG wins that benefit our battling Aussie Exporters.

Yes, you read right – Austrade have announced the 2019/2020 payout factor for EMDG applications will be up to $100,000. This is the biggest payout factor in the history of EMDG.

With that being said, the July, 1 EMDG Portal gates have opened and the horse has bolted. We are already working on a number of applications and like many of you, are keen to lodge as many as we can, as early as we can.

The EMDG portal has undergone some major changes and we are working our way through any teething issues. We discussed this and the rule changes for the 2020 grant year in our latest Newsletter.

Read our Winter 2020 Newsletter to find out more:

Mitco Newsletter June 2020 – Winter Edition



Pressing Trade Matters with China

Like much of our export community, we have been closely watching the developments between Australia and China in light of the recently publicised beef and barley trade matters. 

We would like to take a moment to commend the efforts of Trade Minister Simon Birmingham in promoting the value of Australian exports to China. 

We wish the Minister well in pursuing an open dialogue with Chinese counterparts and hope the issues can be resolved soon. 

Minister Birmingham offered some sound advice to exporters during these challenging times; 

  “I would, of course, encourage businesses, where they can see equal reward or similar reward, by spreading their risk across numerous markets, to do so. And that that would be wise business practice.” 

Good advice! 

Talk to us today about how your export business can maximise its return on international marketing investment!

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EFIC Support for Australian Exporters Impacted by COVID-19

Many of our Clients ask us about export loans.

We are here to tell you that in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, struggling export businesses will now have access to funding under a new facility administered by Export Finance Australia (EFIC).

  “The Facility will provide loans between $250,000 and $50 million to established and previously profitable exporters who, due to COVID-19, are unable to gain finance from commercial sources.”

To find out more, read the full Press Release via this link:

To take advantage of the EMDG scheme or to find out if you’re eligible, get in touch with us today!