Time to lodge is now – applications for the 2018-19 financial year are open!

Ho Hum, the start of a new financial year!

What does it mean you ask?

The days are short and chilly, President Trump has done a two-step into North Korea. Wimbledon is on the TV, cricket as well. School hols for some.

The swearing in (In a political sense not cursing) of the 46th parliament under PM Scott Morrison. Tax cuts on the way so it seems.

Simon Birmingham remains as the Trade Minister and cheque writer for the EMDG Program.

We need to focus here!

Time lodge your EMDG application is your top priority.

The earlier applications as submitted the great chance of prompt payment.

The lodgement of an EMDG application in July and August means you are the front of the processing queue for sure.

We have already started on many applications and have lodged some already.

If we have not been in contact with us give us a call/email to make things happen.

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