EMDG News Flash – The Export Market Development Grants scheme is now under review

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has announced today a review of the EMDG program going forward. This is happens every 5 years or so. The last review was in 2015.

It has been commissioned with the key focus of looking at the question “is the EMDG program the best form of financial assistance for the Australian exporters”.

We think it is, it will be about proving it.

EMDG does work for sure, it has a 40 year plus track record of export success.

In recent years it has simply been underfunded, not all clients have had their grant paid in full. You all know who you are. The time taken for the second tranche payment, some 12 months after the end of the grant year money has been spent, will be reviewed as well.

So we commend the Minister for the action he is taking in getting the review underway, earlier than later.

The review will be led by a team of three past and present exporters

  • Anna Fisher – Zonte’s Footstep – SA Wine exporter
  • Christine Holgate – CEO Aus Post and formerly head of Blackmore Vitamins
  • Bruce Armstrong – Aspen Medical – recent National Exporter Award Winner.

There will be a 6 week period for clients of the scheme and other interested parties to make submissions. Followed by a round of public hearings, as well as Austrade (the EMDG administrators and cheque writer) conducting surveys and econometric modelling and the like.

The report will have to be completed next year, June 30th 2020 if not earlier.

To find out more, see the official Media Release here:

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