Mitchell & Co – March 2024 Newsletter

Austrade EMDG Update email sent today – now our turn!

We have been banging on about it for a while, now it is happening.

The EMDG portal for Milestone reporting for Round 1, 2 and 3 applicants will open on Monday 25th March, just before the Easter break! – however beggars cannot be too choosy as the saying goes. We will take it.

What does this mean? If you lodge early – post March 25th – you will be paid early before June 30th.

We have already made a start on the applicable milestone reporting information for several clients.

We will be ready to lodge as soon as the portal opens, and keeping our running shoes on to lodge as many milestone reports as we can over the coming weeks / months.

So it’s best to send your information to us now – even before Easter if you like – we have nothing better to do – sad but true.

This early lodgement process is only suitable if you have already spent double your grant offer amount, check your copy of the grant agreement for details.

If you have not spent the required amount, it will be best to wait until post July 1st to allow any additional expenditure to be included up to June 30th.

If we lodge your milestone report later (from 1st July), you will still get paid your grant offer amount, it just means you will be paid later that is all.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Stuart & team.

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