Mitchell and Co – Last Newsletter for 2022 – All the best for the Festive Season.

Back again to give our last EMDG update for the year as the festive season approaches.
Again, our newsletter is full of EMDG speak and jargon, sorry, but that is the world we live in.

Round 1 Milestone payments – most have now been paid.
After a slow start, Austrade really got it act together and payments really started to flow in recent weeks.

96.5% of the Milestone submissions we lodged have now been assessed, approved and payments released.

The remaining submissions (you of course know who you are!) are still being assessed by the EMDG team and hopefully these will be finalized before the Christmas shutdown period.

We are doing our best to push these applications along without making irritating peanuts of ourselves, it does not actually help to cry and stamp your feet too much!

Round 2 Applications – currently being processed
20% of the applications we lodged to 30th September are yet to be reviewed, so the wheels are turning slowly for these clients, sorry about that.

Not sure if anything will happen before Xmas or not. We have been following up but see comments above about not wanting to be serial pests in this regard.

20% as well are currently being assessed and we should have further updates in the coming weeks.

60% are currently waiting for their grant offer to be issued, these should progress in the coming weeks as well, there has only been a trickle for grant agreements being issued to date.

Things will start to gather pace soon, but with Xmas period, probably in the New Year more likely than not.

For Round 1, grant offers were still being issued up to mid-June 2022. They should be done quicker this year, well that is my Xmas gift request to Santa (Austrade) anyway.

Round 3 Applications – will open next year
This is for applications for 2023/2024. It still planned to happen in March 2023. For those clients we will be touch then.

Xmas shutdown 2022
We will be shutting down for the festive season from 19th December and be back on deck Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

Wayne is taking a much-needed break (his words not mine) as of 1st December, I will hold the fort until his return on 16th January. Please contact me with any queries.

Have a safe & fabulous Xmas & 2023

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