Mitchell & Co EMDG Newsflash Take 2 – Hot off the Press!

EMDG Round 2 for 2023 and Beyond – Opening Date Delayed.

Last week, Austrade announced that the EMDG Round 2 lodgement period would open on Tuesday 31st May for a 5 week period, closing on Tuesday 5th July.

Things have now changed.

This is not going to happen.

Round 2 has now been delayed to a date in the future, yet to be advised. The reason being, which we support, is to give Austrade appropriate time to brief the new Government.

We were actually surprised that the original announcement was made in the week before the election in Government caretaker mode. Today’s advice is therefore good for exporters.

We remind you that this only applies to new applicants for 2022/2023 and beyond. There is no change to those clients who have already submitted an application/ received a grant offer for Round 1.

Austrade will advise you of the delay by direct email on Monday.

We will let you know the new opening date as soon as we have been advised.

Stuart and Team

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