Mitchell & Co March 2022 EMDG Newsletter – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

EMDG life as we know it is changed forever. On 28th February we lodged our last EVER EMDG Application under the EMDG Old rules.

In our recent client Newsletter, we addressed the rumours flying around about the treatment of 2021 grant applicants in relation to the overdemand for the 2022 grant round (the first year of EMDG New).

In essence, it is a case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and it is simply unjustified.

We addressed the first round of 2022 grant offers flowing through, albeit slowly, and the question of “where to” from here?

We continue with our lobbying efforts to be an advocate for our exporters, as we know how precious your time is.

It is, after all, our experience that counts.

You can read all about it in our March Newsletter, here.

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