Important News Flash – EMDG (Export Market Development Grants) to Change

D-Day has arrived. The Referee has tossed the coin and the future of EMDG in the air.

Yesterday we got the call from Minister Birmingham’s office announcing the completion of the long awaited EMDG Review Report.

Trade Minister Birmingham has today released the report of Anna Fisher which was commissioned last year and completed pre-COVID 19.

The government will be adopting all proposed changes recommended in the report.

We put out an initial Newsletter to our Client base announcing that EMDG will fundamentally change, and some of our initial thoughts on the Review.

Click here to read our initial newsletter, with more details to come as we unpack, analyse, and summarise the 84-page report over these next days and weeks.

Click here to read the official Media Release from Minister Birmingham’s office.

And the following links to Austrade FAQs and Reform Fact Sheet.

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